Being an Owner

If you are interested in joining Eventmasters Racing as an owner view our invitation to join us click here

Racehorse Ownership

Eventmasters Racing wish to establish a set of racing partnerships through members (owners) that share a love of horses, a love of racing, and a love of being at the races.

Being part of racehorse ownership takes the racing experience to a new level. There is nothing like being on the “inside” – getting to know your horses own unique character, being close to the trainer and watching top jockeys go to work.

Our aim is to provide the thrill and enjoyment of racehorse ownership amongst like-minded individuals. Eventmasters Racing is primarily involved with the recruitment of Flat & National Hunt bloodstock; our aim is to offer:

  • 10 Members,
  • Each Member has a 10% Equity in the individual horse,
  • A one off fee is requested to cover the cost of the purchase of the horse plus anticipated training fees and expenses for the year,
  • At the end of the year an additional payment is request ed if we are outside of budget (unlikely) or a dividend is delcared based on the shareholding from surplus prize money,
  • Eventmasters Racing retain 10% of any prize money before any dividend is declared to cover administration costs,
  • Each shareholder will have the option of 2 owners & trainers badges whenever their horse runs and will be able to bring 1 guest into the parade ring,
  • Only the shareholder or their nominated guest is allowed onto the presentation podium,
  • Each shareholder will be offered a choice of trophy or “cash” if the horse wins. Any trophy won will be replicated to the actual number required. All trophies issued are then considered the winning trophy rather than a winning trophy plus replicas.

We endeavour to provide an inclusive atmosphere – so as well as your own Eventmasters Racing partnership you will also be kept up to date with the latest news from any other Eventmasters Racing partnerships. The main principle of Eventmasters Racing is to make every member (owner) feel as if they are the sole-owner of the racehorse.